Over thirty years of experience in marketing and communications

As I want to put my experience to good use by helping those in less fortunate circumstances, I focus on small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging and developing countries. Also, I provide consultancy services to government agencies and NGOs involved in promoting better conditions in business and personal life.

For over thirty years I have been working in communications, marketing and management, carrying out assignments both for government agencies and businesses, both in The Netherlands and abroad.

"Experience yields quick results," said the Russian carpenter when I admiringly watched how he put a garden house together in one afternoon.

My specialty is finding short-term practical solutions to marketing and communication challenges.

My track record and my proficiency in several world languages have proven to be advantageous in running international projects.

  • My advice is tailor-made and respects the style and culture of the organization. In addition to consultancy, I offer workshops and coaching in communication and marketing skills.
  • Point of departure is the self-analysis of the organization asking for assistance. They present their view of the problem and make suggestions for a solution themselves.
  • I then use my experience to find the problem that lies beneath. We work on this together.
  • Finally, I present my solutions contained in a compact plan of action with a time line. In some cases this action plan can be available after a fortnight visit.

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